Elk City Rodeo

Elk City, Oklahoma

September 2-4, 2022


Wayne Brooks, Announcer

Beutler & Son Rodeo Co., Stock Contractor

Cody Sosebee, barrelman

Bullfighters Only - Specialty Act


  • It’s the most dangerous 60 seconds in sports!
  • Bullfighters compete in freestyle bullfighting, man vs. beast, for sixty seconds.
  • Three bullfighters a night, some of the best in the business, will thrill the crowd as they face off with 1200 lbs. of bovine, hoping to earn the best score.
  • On Sunday for the last performance, the best bullfighters from Friday and Saturday nights compete for the prize money and the title of Elk City’s best BFO bullfighter!
  • The  Elk City BFO is invitational only, with elite athletes competing against the meanest fighting bulls in the sport!
  • It’s danger and the ultimate challenge!


    Chuck Swisher, Bullfighter

    • Is part of the duo of bullfighters who work the Elk City rodeo, alongside Weston Rutkowski
    • His job is to “step into harm’s way for the bull riders. It’s very dangerous but also very rewarding. It helps you get your adrenaline fill. All it is, is distracting an animal from another human being.”
    • Uses Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. “I’m addicted like everybody else. On Snapchat, I’m always snapping the stupid stuff that I only want people to see once and never again.”
    • In addition to rodeo, owns Swisher Beef, selling farm to table beef, and owns real estate.
    • On the road, uses sunflower seeds to stay awake, and listens to Christian music and real estate podcasts like Bigger Pockets.
    • Worked the 2014 National Finals Rodeo and has worked several Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeos.
    • Is married to Carolyn
    • Lives in Dover, Okla.
    • In his own words: bullfighting “is just another day at the office. Pull up your chair and work.

    Weston Rutkowski, Bullfighter


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